The Village at Port Manchac

the village at port manchac


Want to help make change in the community? The collective effort of individuals is what paves the way to a bigger and brighter future for our parish. Featuring plans for restaurants, boating, and housing, the Village at Port Manchac will focus to grow the surrounding area with an ecotourism opportunity that can be created with YOUR help! Please take the time to sign the petition below. This project will not exist without your signature and support, thank you.

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Our vision is to transform the property into a wonderful destination for the public and residents to enjoy. There will be restaurants and entertainment to enjoy for an evening or during your weekend getaway while staying at the hotel.  Take a stroll through the Marina, along the Boardwalk, and then down the Main Street that reflects the heritage and traditions of Tangipahoa.  Spend a few hours or all day enjoying the water and the many opportunities to experience nature. Spend an evening enjoying a great meal and be sure to allow time for one of the most spectacular views of a sunset in Louisiana, from the rooftop of the hotel.  And when you rise in the morning, you’ll be greeted by the most amazing sunrise as you take in the 360 view of nature, literally every direction you look is breathtaking majesty.

If a cabin is more your style, we’ve got your rental waiting for you, on the water, of course.  We put new meaning in the word, Staycation. And we’ll even have some great RV opportunities alongside some of the cabins. Don’t forget about the Clubhouse and Cove where you can kick back and relax while everyone else is still on the road, stuck in traffic trying to get to their vacation.  If you’re not ready to buy a place, but would love to live on the water, you’re who we’re thinking about as we design spacious apartments, appointed with the latest in amenities. If you’re looking for a place to call your own, we’ll have an offering of townhouses and condominiums that provide all the comforts you’re seeking.  

The Village will be anchored by a small residential community of 100 single family homes with residential waterways created for your backyard and boating enjoyment. We want to work with you to create a place that celebrates and conserves our local environment and becomes a destination location for the people of Tangipahoa and visitors alike.


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My impression is they are very nice people, very smart business people, genuinely concerned about the environment, and what they have envisioned for Manchac will be a HUGE asset to our community.
— Lil Mirando, Daily Star
I view the proposed development, The Village At Port Manchac, as an excellent opportunity for our parish to take a great stride forward in bringing new jobs and investment into our community. This vibrant, amenity rich nature-based destinationcommunity that will reflect our heritage and values would be a strong contributor and partner to economic growth as well as to our other ecotourism based initiatives. The Village At Port Manchac is exactly the type of destination development that will attract visitors from across the state and country to come experience and enjoy all that Tangipahoa Parish has to offer.

I strongly support the approval of the MOU by our South Tangipahoa Port Commission so that the project can move forward with the due diligence and feasibility studies necessary to fully vet out the opportunity.
— Tom Enmon, CEO, Jani-King Gulf Coast
They are sincere in their desire and intentions to create the enjoyment, education about, and replenishment of our marshlands and waterways. Their team is already top tier and the principals made it clear they will fill out their team with strong local professionals as well. We see this development as a substantial enhancement to ecotourism and economic opportunity for our parish and are in full support of the project being approved by the Port Commission to proceed with the Due Diligence and Feasibility studies.
— Glen & Greg Alack